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Evald Okas Museum

Courses 2016

18.06 12:00
Handicraft Day for Children "Inventors' Cups. Packages Reused"
instructor Britta Benno

Suitable for children from 6 years of age.
Course fee 2€.
Size of a group is 10 children.
Prior registration is required for participation in the course: eo.muuseum@gmail.com or 5549024

For handicraft day, we have collected various packages – tetrahedrons, cups etc, which are otherwise waste products of our purchases and food consumption. The aim of this day is to draw attention to our consumption habits and packages, and to think together, how the old cleaned containers could be taken into reuse again. Children can easily make up smart ideas; perhaps we create and invent something really exuberant together!
We decorate the cups intended for storage of toothbrushes, combs, pencils or even conductor's sticks, using recycled materials – left-over fabrics, pieces of leather and strings enable us to make storage vessels of inventors with beautiful patterns.
The participants may also bring along old cleaned packages and cups!

Candicraft Day Handicraft Day


02.07. - 8.07
"RAKUPAKU "RAKUPAKU – s o u n d"
international workshop of raku ceramics and textile design.

The workshop of raku ceramics and textile provides opportunity for self-improvement for artists and designers. The 2016 workshop is already the fourth time, when artists and designers meet in Evald Okas Museum, in order to spend a week, studying and testing the possibilities of clay and raku firing, textile and block printing.
Clay as well as textile is a good material for leaving a trace – sensitive, flexible, enabling very different ways of treatment. The objective of the workshop is to provide to the participants experience of use and combination of various material technologies in the creative process.
Again, textile and clay are the main construction materials, but the main topic of the workshop is sound with anything related. The workshop is concentrated on the creative process, and local weather is a major co-author, because most part of the workshop takes place in the courtyard of the museum.
In addition to the people operating in the specialities of textile and ceramics in Estonia, also guests from abroad and artists of other fields will participate in the workshop. The result of the workshop will be the installation in the courtyard of Evald Okas Museum, completed in cooperation between the participants, and exhibition in the attic hall of the museum.

Rakupaku 2106 Rakupaku 2016
Rakupaku 2106 Rakupaku 2016


10.07 12:00
Graphic Art Day for Children "Vegetables. Dry-point on tetrahedron"
instructor Britta Benno.

Suitable for children from 8 years of age.
Size of a group is 10 children.
Prior registration is required for participation in the course: eo.muuseum@gmail.com or 5549024
Course fee 2€.

On the graphic art day we study one of the most fascinating and simple intaglio technique – dry-point. But this time we use special recycled materials – drink packages. A cut-up tetrahedron is excellent alternative to metal plate, safe and environment-friendly material for making a small cute graphic print. For printing, we use water-based intaglio colours, which are also safer and simpler to handle than traditional oil paint.
Theme of the pictures is our food and plant products – we take a closer look of various roots and vegetables.
The technique is suitable from 7 years of age, size of the group is 10 children. Children may bring along collected, washed and cut-up tetrahedrons!

Graphic Art Day for Children 2016 Graphic Art Day for Children 2016
Graphic Art Day for Children 2016 Graphic Art Day for Children 2016


Workshop of the Estonian Association of Fashion Artists /fashion drawing/.
Organisers Anne Metsis and Anu Hint

It has become a tradition that every summer Evald Okas Museum hosts the workshop of the Estonian Association of Fashion Artists, organised by fashion designers of the association Anne Metsis and Anu Hint. Over three days a self-improvement workshop of fashion designers takes place in the museum, where artists practise figure and fashion drawing. Fashion designers from Estonia and abroad participate in the workshop.


27.08 12:00
Art day for children
instructor Lii Pähkel

Art day for children is suitable for children 5-12 years of age. During that day the participants can paint and draw under the instruction of painting artist Lii Pähkel. If the weather is fine, the art day will take place in the yard of the museum. Participation is free of charge and does not require previous art studies or participation in art workshops. The only precondition is interest in drawing and painting, and the wish to spend a nice day in the museum. The objective of art day is to arouse interest in making art in children and to bring them closer to Evald Okas Museum, showing that this is a place also worth visiting by children.

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