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Courses 2013

June 15
Handicraft Day for Children, instructor B. Benno

The children will learn how to make exciting fantasy creatures from different paper materials. During the course puppets with movable hands, legs and tails are made. After viewing different fairy creatures together, one's own puppet will be designed and constructed, which will take about 2 to 3 hours. Suitable for children from 7 years of age, but it is sufficiently intricate for elder children (and even their parents!). The group will consist of approximately 10 children.

Handicraft Day for Children Handicraft Day for Children
Handicraft Day for Children Handicraft Day for Children


July 13
Graphic Art Day for Children, Instructor graphic artist B. Benno

Dry point. Creatures of Fantasy.

On a summer day children will learn the lovely and delicate dry point technique and spin an old intaglio printing press in the museum.

The subjects of the works are fantastic creatures and fairy tale characters. Children can try to depict their favourite characters or create totally new beings in dry point technique. The work process starts with sketching the idea and engraving it to a metal plate. It is then covered with paint and printed. In course of the work children will learn about traditional graphic art and its technical principles. It will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete one's work. The Graphic Art Day is free of charge and suitable for children from 7 years of age. The group will consist of maximum 12 children.

Laste graafikapäev Laste graafikapäev
Laste graafikapäev Laste graafikapäev


July 27 – July 28
Fashion Drawing Workshop of the Estonian Association of Fashion Artists

It has become a tradition that every summer the Evald Okas Museum hosts the Estonian Association of Fashion Artists's workshop which is being organised by fashion designers Anu Hint, Anne Metsis and Liivia Leškin. Over three days fashion designers both from Estonia and abroad will practice fashion drawing and figure drawing techniques at a self-improvement workshop.

Fashion Drawing 2013 Fashion Drawing 2013


August 17 – August 18 at 2PM
Children's Art Day, tutor Agnes Liiv

The Art Day is suitable for children from 5 years of age. The participants will learn to paint and draw under the guidance of Agnes Liiv.

The Children's Art Day has been brought about by Evald Okas's idea that one can be inspired by absolutely anything happening around us and that there is no need to wait for inspiration. It is inside and around you, when travelling, in people sitting and standing in the bus.

The Art Day is accompanied by a cool "bus ride" in the museum rooms, with stops at the paintings and works of art in order to address to and closely examine them. If the weather is fine, children will paint through a "window" that can be placed enabling a view either into the interior of the bus or outside it. One can paint people or nature, in miniature or on a large scale.

Children will be provided with various paints and tools: gouaches, acrylic paints, oil pastels, plain or colour pencils, etc.

The Art Day is free of charge and no previous art training is needed. Only an interest in drawing and painting, as well as the will for spending a lovely day at the museum, is required.

The course will be held by Agnes Liiv, who besides her work as a kindergarten teacher, has been an art tutor at the Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU) Education Centre, Meero Muusik and at Art Studio Maru Karu, for many years.


August 28
"isBODYisART", instructor artist Laine Parrest

A course of workshops introduces the types of body and performing art, their subdivisions and history to young people. Methods of creating art with and onto the body will be discussed, and the participants will learn to make the so-called temporary tattoos, body and face paintings.

Teenage years are the peak of the search for the alternative, very often the yearning for independence is manifested by deforming/decorating one's body/appearance and by provocative behaviour.

More and successively younger people tend to cover their bodies with permanent marks, of which tattoos and piercing are the most popular.

Does a youngster recognise at all how fast his/her taste of music, preference of hairdo and style of clothing alternates? The aim of the Body Art course is to come to the conclusion together with the youngsters that the world is so rich in patterns, figures, jewellery, etc. So why tie oneself to only one of these for ever? Every day when we leave home we display a personal exhibit; wouldn't it be nice if this so-called exhibition was acknowledged and in harmony with one's inner drive.

In the performing art unit the possibilities of interdisciplinary self-expression will be discussed. Youngsters interested in arts will get an exciting and legal channel to express their seething emotions and maturing conception of the world.

The series of workshops " isBODYisART" enables young people to study different fields of communication in expressing their points of view. The courage of synthesising different practices of self-expression may be the key to success of a future business manager, teacher, engineer, semiotician, etc.

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