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Courses 2012

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Beginning 12:00
Duration: 4 hours
Instructor: Britta Benno (graphic artist)
Participation is free of charge.
During the handcrafting day children can learn how to make the pop-up pictures. In the beginning of the course children will draw a sketch, then cut and glue the spatial pieces of the picture. As a result of the workshop day all the participants will have small postcards.

Handcrafting Day for Children Handcrafting Day for Children
Handcrafting Day for Children Handcrafting Day for Children


Beginnig at 12:00
Duration: 4 hours
Instructor: graphic artist Britta Benno
Participation is free of charge.
Graphic art day is suitable for children from 8 years and up. One group size is 12 children. During the graphic art course children can learn and try one of the easiest and fastest relief printing techniques - linocut. The works prepared during the day are miniature and as the result of the course the children will get self-printed bookmarks or cards for themselves. The work process includes sketching the ideas, cutting out the picture, covering it with paint, printing and cutting out the bookmark-sized paper. It takes around 2-3 hours for a student to complete the full process. During the day, the tutor introduces children to the world of graphic art by giving them a short overview of traditional graphic fine art and its' technical principles. With the help of examples children will be given a short overview of art history.


7.07-13.07. RAKUPAKU vol. 2
Block printing and raku-pottery workshop
Tutors: ceramist Ingrid Allik , textile designer Monika Järg

The Raku-pottery and block printing workshop is a workshop for those, who are engaged in related field (artists, designers, art teachers and handicraft teachers). If the weather is beautiful, the workshop will take place in the yard of the museum, and so the process of how objects are crafted using the techniques for block printing and raku-pottery can be observed by all interested people. The workshop brings together the techniques of woodblock printing and raku-pottery and as a result, a collection of practical clayware and furnishing textiles is made. The crafted items are intented to a specific interior, where they will later be used or to a person to whom they are gifted.

When using the print block it is possible to leave an image on the surface. This kind of image may be a pattern, an emotion, or yourself. The print block image can be carved into the surface with a piece of wood, stone, cardboard, or with a finger. The image can be fragile or strong, visible or invisible - just as the author wishes to capture and handle the image.

The concept of raku (in Japanese: joy, pleasure, relaxation, simplicity) was developed in the 16th century in Japan with the spread of Zen Buddhism and tea ceremony. Today, in the Western world, this word is marking the technology of ceramics. It is carried out by taking porous clay objects quickly out of the kiln by using tongs and putting them in a container with combustible material. If the pottery-making process usually closes with putting the object in the kiln, then in raku-pottery the process continues. In the workshop it is possible to see with your own eyes how the glaze begins to melt in the kiln. The participant will take the pottery from the kiln and will put the final touches on the pottery after cooling. All of this within hours!
This year the workshop will mainly focus on 'naked raku'. In this specific technique the only print on the surface of a ready-made pottery is the drawing of smoke that penetrates the removable layer of clay during the final firing process. We will also experiment the "painting" on the pottery with suitable herbs and smoke.

Both the clay as well as the textile are good materials to print on - sensitive, flexible, and with many practical applications. Workshop will unite ceramics and textiles through block printing, in order to give participants an experience in the usage of various materials used for the same purpose. How does a print I created works on different materials? How can I create and amplify a message, an expression, texture and colour through that?
Workshop begins with preparing the blocks, which are made of different materials. By cutting, gluing, and binding, one can prepare suitable tools or blocks for printing into the clay or on textile. The workshop will continue with moulding the pottery, printing the patterns on the prepared items of clay and textile and glazing and firing the pottery. Finally the most interesting and spectacular outcome of the workshop will be exposed on an exhibition in the Evald Okas Museum.

Registration and information:
Prior registration is required for participation via e-mail: eo.muuseum@gmail.com or by calling RAKUPAKU workshop contact number +372 53 406 402.
The cost of the workshop is 55 EUR, which includes tuition, firing the pottery and materials - clay and glaze materials for pottery, different fabric and color for making samples of printing on textile. To make larger scale printing on textile, material should be provided by the workshop participant. The suitable materials include cotton, linen, polyester and composite textiles with polyester. All fabrics must endure long-term ironing at 120˚C. If possible bring along your own tool-kit for pottery making. Of course the basic tools you can also find on the spot. Participation fee can be payed at the beginning of the workshop in the museum or on the bank account: MTÜ Evald Okase Muuseum, 221022264616, Swedbank It is also possible to be accomodated in the museum. For more information please contact us by e-mail.

Rakupaku workshop


It has become a tradition that every summer the Evald Okas Museum hosts Estonian Fashion Designers Unions' workshop, which is organized by the fashion designers Anu Hint, Anne Metsis, and Liivia Leshkin. The self-improvement workshop for fashion designers lasts for two days, giving artists a chance to practice their fashion techniques and figure drawing techniques. The workshops are attended by designers from Estonia and abroad. Prepared works will be exhibited for the visitors in the museum.

Workshop Workshop


Beginning 12:00
Duration: 4 hours
Instructor: Agnes Liiv
Participation is free of charge.
Art Day for children has become a traditional event in Evald Okas Museum and it's suitable for the children between the ages from 5 to 12. On this day, the participants have the opportunity to learn to paint and draw with the guidance of a professional instructor - Agnes Liiv. If the weather is fine the Art Day takes place in the courtyard of the museum. No previous knowledge or training in art is needed to participate. The most important prerequisite is an interest in painting and drawing and a wish to spend a nice day in the museum.

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