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Evald Okas Museum
Exhibitions 2021


29.05. - 05.09.
Exposition of works by Evald Okas: graphic art, paintings, drawings, objects
Evald Okas Evald Okas
Evald Okas Evald Okas

29.05. - 11.07.
Fractures. Maija Helasvuo, Mika Karhu, Simo Ripatti, Niina Räty and Ilkka Sariola
Curator Maija Helasvuo

When we notice fractures in a monolith? In human history, we can discover time windows of various duration. Nevertheless, painting (or also for example hunting), which is sometimes said to be dead, still seem to form an essential and definite part of the experience and survival of humanity. On other hand, the forest industry, which created unprecedented wealth in Finland, today makes only few percent of employment.

It is possible that in the future, when climate change has caused major shifts in our living environment, it will be wiser to grow and save forest than to cut and use it on massive scale. Thus, anything that seems eternal can crumble and transform very quickly. Time windows will become much shorter than expected, and the phenomena, which we considered completed, will remain. When and how we notice the fractures in our monolith?

Five Finnish artists explore these questions freely in their works. Ilkka Sariola does it in his pencil drawings of people, faith and society. Niina Räty studies loneliness and repulsion in her painting series. Mika Karhu is observing the pain spots of history in his video installation and the tough fate of the children of Finnish communists in 1918 in his ink drawings.

My own sculptures ask: „Where have all gone?“ People in the sequence of generations worry, suffer and love.

(gallery, I floor)

29.05. - 11.07.
Harmony. Ülle Kõuts

The aim of HARMONY is search for integrity in life, nature, music and art. Harmony is compatibility of ideas and material creation, which binds the elements of a work of art into a whole, and creates balance between chosen materials and technical realization.

JEWELLERY is a valuable item, which is usually created with the aim of replenishing the costume and stressing the personality of the wearer, heading to the wide world and living its own life. It reveals the imagination of the creator of jewellery, while each wearer will add to the jewellery their unique energy.

When exposed at an exhibition, a jewellery item will enter into a dialogue with exhibition space and design in front of the viewer. Harmony of this moment is search of communion between the work of art and the surrounding environment.

My chosen technique has a romantic name: „Marriage of Metals“, where surface patterns are formed in result of soldering together different metals, silver and German silver, or silver and copper. The jewellery items exposed at the exhibition have been created in 2020 – 2021 and provide an imaginary continuation to my former exhibition works.

(corner hall, I floor)



29.05. - 11.07.
Spring exhibition. Anne Parmasto

Abstract painting is naked art; having accepted this world and its methods, a realm will open, into which a larger world fits, with playing space without borders.

(attic hall, III floor)


Joonistatud Põhjamaa17.07. - 05.09.
Drawn Nordic. From Reindorff and Ulas to today.
Curators Mai Levin, Inga Heamägi

The exhibition aims to compensate modest role of drawing in contemporary art life, bringing the works of a dozen artists inspired by nature beside nude drawings by E. Okas in regular summer exposition of the museum. The curator of more extensive contemporary part of the exhibition is Inga Heamägi, while Mai Levin is the curator of the heritage part. The latter includes works of the top master of landscape drawings Günther Reindorff from 1930s to 1970s from the collections of the Estonian Art Museum and Tartu Art Museum. Colour drawings by Peeter Ulas from 1960s and large-format charcoal drawings of pine trees from 1980s are also exposed. (Mai Levin)

Similar to Günther Reindorff in his modern room in 1920s–1930s, also the contemporary artists work in advertising and design offices, design stamps and other paper securities, work as teachers, participate in art competitions and panels, etc. Are 1930s actually so far away from „our time“? Nature is and will remain a major source of inspiration for all artists. We are children of our land and time.

My idea is to show drawings of our contemporary artists, inspired by nature. Several contemporary artists participate in this exhibition with their drawings, many of whom have graduated from the speciality of graphic art and for whom drawing is a natural part of their life. (Inga Heamägi)

Participating artists: Jarõna Ilo, Maria Kristiina Ulas, Mati Pärk, Uno Roosvalt, Maarja Nurk, Margot Kask with students, Kaspar Tamsalu, Feliks Sarv, Ülle Marks, Gudrun Koppel, Lauri Koppel

(gallery, I floor)

17.07. - 05.09.
Karl Christoph Rebane, Sandra Luks, Karl Korsar Curator Karin Kiigemägi

The objective of the exhibition is to bring to the public the creation of three bright young fashion artists, along with the background of the transition of material into art. Karl Christoph Rebane, Sandra Luks and Karl Korsar – these three artists are connected by three words: young, rebellious, pioneering. At the exhibition we bring to the viewers the exposition of fashion art, which was born through deep conceptual approach to the topic, as a symbiosis – environment-body-pattern-material. Certain cohesion develops between garments, accessories and materials designed and created by the artists, which has inspired the artists to play with external form for the benefit of some new solution and function. This cannot be achieved without physical and perceptual contact with the material to be created. The exposition presents to the viewers innovative and exciting details, which enrich the field of art of covering the body and wearing the garments.

(attic hall, III floor)

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