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Evald Okas Museum
Summer School 2019

Summer School is a summer training programme of Evald Okas Museum, providing academic training for all adults interested in art. The initiator and coordinator of the programme is painting artist Mari Roosvalt. The mission of the Summer School is to bring people closer to art through professional training, to develop their skill to view art and appreciate beauty. During the courses, the participants can acquire knowledge in painting, drawing, composition and graphic art under the instruction of recognized Estonian artists and teachers.

Registration and information:
In order to participate, register to a course from 15 April to 5 August 2019 (except drawing the old town of Haapsalu, register and pay by 11 July at the latest) by eo.muuseum@gmail.com or by phone +372 5549024.
The maximum size of the group is 12 people, with 10 people in the graphics course.

Payment for the courses:
Courses of the Summer School are for a fee. Term of payment of the participation fee to the bank account of the museum is 1.08.2019. Bank account of the museum: EE832200221022264616, Swedbank.

NB! In case of non-attendance at the courses the participation fee paid to the bank account of the museum will not be returned.

The fee of Summer School does not include museum ticket. In order to visit the museum, the participants shall purchase the museum ticket.


About the courses:

15.07 - 16.07 at 12.00
Drawing Haapsalu Old Town, instructor Matti Pärk

For two days the participants will learn to reproduce with limited means on paper the characteristic atmosphere of an old resort town: streets, courtyards, gardens etc. Charcoal, marker, ink, 2-3 colours and pencil will be used for drawing. The course will also develop the sense of perspective and the skill of spatial depiction of objects in a picture.
Volume of the course (one day): 4h
Price of the course (one day): 25€


10.08 – 11.08 at 12.00
Print graphics, instructor Marje Üksine

In two days the participants can choose to make one or several graphic sheets. For introduction, we study the relevant masterpieces made by Evald Okas. In our work we use more simple and handy techniques of classical print graphics. On the first day the participants will prepare one or several printing plates. The second day is spent on printing, using special intaglio colours. The result may resemble a small watercolour painting. Several (and multi-colour) prints can be made from a single plate. Finally the completed work will be signed and taken home. Graphic sheet is a suitable and valuable present!
Volume of the course (two days): 10h
Price of the course (two days): 70€


12.08 – 13.08 at 11.00
Watercolour, instructor Orest Kormašov

The use of watercolour technique dates back to ancient times and forms part of various cultures all over the world. Introduction of paper played major role also in the development of watercolour painting. Objective of the course is to introduce watercolour as a painting technique, with different technical possibilities of watercolour: painting from wet to wet, painting in layers. The participants can think independently and make choices. Introduction of contemporary possibilities of watercolour. Provision of skills for finalisation and exposition of work.
Volume of the course (one day): 4h
Price of the course (one day): 25€


14.08 at 11.00
Sketch (nude with watercolours), instructor Kaisa Puustak

Sketches of a charming woman. The objective is to achieve immediate, spontaneous approach. Speed means skill. Use of various possibilities of watercolour.
Volume of the course (one day): 5h
Price of the course (one day): 35€


15.08 at 12.00
16.08 at 10.00
Water colour and papercutting, instructor Maria-Kristiina Ulas

In this workshop we will combine watercolour and papercutting. Cutting will add precision to the flowing of colours and open endless possibilities for creative interpretation.
The magic of black silhouette paper. The sharpness of cutting and the fluid washes of watercolour. Adding cuts to transparency. Drawing with scissors (Henry Matisse expression for his paper cuts) and painting with brushes.
Papercutting and watercolour are both versatile mediums- combined they will bring unexpected results. We will find themes from the inner and outer reality.
Volume of the course (one day): 4h
Price of the course (one day): 25€

Evald Okas Museum | Karja 24, 90503 Haapsalu, Estonia | eo.muuseum@gmail.com