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Evald Okas Museum
Summer School 2010

Everyone, irrespective of previous preparation in arts, is welcome to take part in the courses of Summer School.

Please register to the courses via e-mail address: eo.muuseum@gmail.com or call on the telephone: +3725216572. The number of the participants is limited.

The courses of the Summer School are priced. The deadline for paying participatory fee is 12th of July 2010 on the museum’s account: 221022264616, Swedbank.
NB! If you can not participate on the courses, the museum does not return participatory fee, which is already paid.

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About the courses:

July 23.-25. acrylic painting, tutor- professor emeritus, artist Tiit Pääsuke 23.07. beginning at 2 pm, 24.07 and 25.07 at 12 pm
During the course the participants will acquire knowledge in acrylic and oil-painting techniques and easier tasks in painting from nature. Pupils will also develop their creativity by solving a creative task with using the means of painting art.
Duration (one day): 4h
The cost of the course (one day): 300 EEK

July 26. – 27. at 12 pm: Course of drawing Haapsalu old town, tutor- docent, graphic artist Matti Pärk
The content of the two days course is drawing the old town of Haapsalu. The participants learn to mediate with few materials the milieu of the old town: the streets, gardens, backyards, etc. The fusain, 2-3 colors and pencil will be used for drawing. The course also evolves the intuition of vista and ability to picture three dimensions on the picture.
Duration (one day): 4h
Cost of the course (one day): 250 EEK

July 28.-29. at 12 pm: Course of graphic art, tutor- graphic artist and teacher of Estonian Academy of Arts, Kaisa Puustak
The aim of the course is to get acquainted with etching techniques of metallic graphic art. The theme of the course will be small-formatted graphic sheet of paper or ex libris inspired by Haapsalu. As the course is taking place in Evald Okas Museum the participants will study the graphics and ex librises created by Evald Okas and they will try to use the same techniques. On the first day a sketch and a plate will be prepared and etching will be made. On the second day there will be printing. When the printings have dried participants can autograph them and take along. On site there will be printing press, copper plates, acid, colors, lacquer and other tools for working. The participants may bring along intaglio paper, apron for working, latex gloves, some cotton rag and good mood!
Duration (one day): 5 h
Cost of the course (one day): 350 EEK

July 30 at 12 pm : Nude drawing, tutor- graphic artist Kaisa Puustak
The aim of the course is to develop intuitive mien of depicting- quick visual decisions, spontaneous acting on paper. In this course it is not so important to depict a figure realistically but naturally and lively. With quick sketches a hand and spirit will be drawn open. The course takes place on the second floor of the museum surrounded by Evald Okas famous nude paintings. A professional model is going to pose for the participants. Participants may use drawing coal, try color pastels, color or graphite pencil, etc. (a small amount of tools for drawing will be on spot). The participants may take along drawing paper (paper for drawing with ink and marker will be on spot).
Duration (one day): 4h
The cost of the course (one day): 300 EEK

Evald Okas Museum | Karja 24, 90503 Haapsalu, Estonia | eo.muuseum@gmail.com