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Evald Okas Museum
20.07. – 29.07. Summer School 2017

Summer School is a summer training programme of Evald Okas Museum, providing academic training for all adults interested in art. The initiator and coordinator of the programme is painting artist Mari Roosvalt. The mission of the Summer School is to bring people closer to art through professional training, to develop their skill to view art and appreciate beauty. During the courses, the participants can acquire knowledge in painting, drawing, colour study, composition and graphic art under the instruction of recognized Estonian artists and teachers.

Registration and information:
eo.muuseum@gmail.com or by phone +372 5549024

The fee of Summer School does not include museum ticket. In order to visit the museum, the participants shall purchase the museum ticket.


About the courses:

19.07. - 20.07. at 12.00
Discover creativity in yourself. You are happy when creating! 
Instructor Urve Küttner

Creativity is not a special talent, but way of life. It is an ability to get out of the routine of fallbacks. Creativity is an ability to operate in new way in common situations and adapt to new situations. (Esa Saarinen) The objective is development of spatial thinking and subsistence. In practice, this broadens the perception of geometry and design skills of real space. From the standpoint of creativity, this is release of inner energy. For a person committed to activity – purification of mind and path to intellectual awakening, possibility for reaching balance.

Discover creativity in yourself Discover creativity in yourself

21.07. - 23.07. at 12.00
Acrylic painting, instructor Aimar Kristerson

During the course the participants will acquire knowledge of acrylic or oil painting techniques and painting from nature, and will solve a creative task set by the instructor with means of painting.

Acrylic painting Acrylic painting

24.07. - 26.07. at 12.00
Drawing Haapsalu Old Town, instructor Matti Pärk

For three days the participants will learn to reproduce with limited means on paper the characteristic atmosphere of an old resort town: streets, courtyards, gardens etc. Charcoal, marker, ink, 2-3 colours and pencil will be used for drawing. The course will also develop the sense of perspective and the skill of spatial depiction of objects in a picture.

Drawind Haapsalu Old Town Drawing Haapsalu Old Town

27.07. - 28.07. at 12.00
Graphic art, instructor Kaisa Puustak

The course introduces surface etching technique of metal graphics. The topic is a small format graphic print or ex libris on the themes of Haapsalu (e.g. the White Lady). As the course takes place in Evald Okas Museum, the participants also study relevant graphic art and ex libris of the artist, trying to use similar methods. The first day includes drafting of design, preparation of plate and etching. On the second day printing takes place. Dried prints are signed and the participants may take them home.

Graphic Art Graphic Art
Graphic Art Graphic Art
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