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Evald Okas Museum

International Hot Glass Symposium 2010 POETRY OF GLASS
9th of July – 16th of July

Exhibition POETRY OF GLASS in Evald Okas Museum
16 th of July – 4th of August

In the year 2010 already the 8th Glass Days will be held. This summer the theme of the event is “Poetry of Glass”.

In the year 2010, the Haapsalu Glass Days will be held for the 8th time. This summer, the theme of the event is “Glass Poetry”.

The aim of the Glass Days is to bring together artists from different countries and nationalities and to offer everybody a possibility to observe the creative process of working with glass. The glass artists also wish to introduce their "native" material - glass- to artists from other fields. In previous years, sculptors, architects and painters have participated in the event. We have experienced the grace of hot, flowing glass by ourselves; we have witnessed its poetical beauty when it´s freezing. We have always shared it with the audience. This time, we shall invite poets to join the Glass Days, to see how the symbiosis of two so very different forms of art will work; how poetry will influence glass artists, or what a poet could do with hot glass.

During one week, everybody is invited to observe the creative work of artists, in the heart of the glass studio, in the yard of the Evald Okas Museum. Artistic glass blowing is a fascinating spectacle for the audience. It is a rare sight to see the birth of a work of art, taking shape in the red hot glowing glass. In addition to the magic of the melted glass, we can see many different ways of dealing with glass, and can witness the skilled handling of the material by the artists - each with their own “handwriting”, their own techniques and ways of approaching glass.

International Hot Glass Symposium 2010

During the next Hot Glass Days, we encourage artists to work with hot glass by themselves, though there are craftsmen available to assist with glassblowing. In addition to the Estonian artists, we have sent invitations to artists from France, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

The Haapsalu glass symposium is known for its special, relaxed atmosphere. It is possible to use the glass furnace day and night, if needed. Instead of a rigid timetable, we appreciate freedom of creativity, willingness to make experiments, and realization of new ideas that might come up during the work process. The participants have frequently cooperated with each other, to accomplish the best outcome. This is what makes the Haapsalu Glass Days unique among similar events around the world.

The symposium will have its conclusion in July 16, with the opening of the exhibition “Poetry of Glass” in the Evald Okas Museum, where works created during the glass days will be exhibited.

In this summer, the museum will be celebrating the 95-th jubilee of artist Evald Okas. Because of this remarkable event, the glass exhibition will be grander than usual!

Organizing team:
Kati Kerstna
Kai Koppel
Kairi Orgusaar

Information: Kati Kerstna, phone: +372 5290779, kati@multireklaam.ee ; eo.muuseum@gmail.com
Klaasipäevad 2010 Klaasipäevad 2010
Klaasipäevad 2010 Klaasipäevad 2010
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