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Evald Okas Museum
Exhibitions 2017


27.05. - 10.09.
Exhibition of works by Evald Okas: drawings, graphic art, paintings, objects

Evald Okas Evald Okas
27.05. - 10.09.
Evald Okas. Paint anything!

exhibition spaces on II floor of the museum

PortraitThe joy of painting of Evald Okas transferred also to the surrounding objects: doors, chairs, smaller commodities. He has also used enamel painting and designed carpets and bindings. The museum introduces this facet in the creation of the artist for the first time, the curator is Mai Levin.

Highly versatile scope is characteristic to the creation of Evald Okas. The artist was also extremely productive throughout his life. During three summer months, an exhibition is open in Evald Okas Museum, which introduces the creation of Evald Okas. This exposition provides thorough overview of the creation of the artist throughout the years.

Paint anything! Paint anything!
Paint anything!


27.05. - 25.06.
Young Sculptor award exhibition 2017. Speed of Sculpture.
Curator: Kirke Kangro

gallery and attic hall of the museum

Speed of SpaceYoung Sculptor award exhibition is organised already sixth time in spring 2017 – the first exhibition in this format was held in 2012.

Objective of the exhibition and award is to highlight young sculptors and installation artists, to support their creative production and to open their creation to wider audience.

Young installation artists and sculptors of EAA can apply for the exhibition.

The condition is that works shall be created during the current academic year. A panel will make selection of the submitted works; the works having selected to exhibition compete for Grand Prix, II and III place. The main award of successful finalists is a trip to a major art event held in summer (Venice Biennial, Manifesta, Documenta, Berlin Biennial etc). This year, the award will take the winners to Kassel Documenta.

Works of the exhibition are assessed by international panel. The award is announced in the opening evening of the exhibition; the public can choose their favourite during the exhibition. Young Sculptor award exhibition 2017 has sub-title "Speed of Sculpture".


27.06. - 16.07.
"Pop & glam". Ivar Kaasik and Andro Kööp. Curator: Harry Liivrand

Pop & glamThe painting exhibition "Pop & glam" of two renowned Estonian neo-pop-artists Andro Kööp and Ivar Kaasik concentrates on figurative creation of both painters, covering a visual dialogue with iconic characters of music and film world, as well as beach themes, and abstract creation of the artists, highlighting the approach, which synthesizes and interprets various methods of expression in a contemporary way.

pop & glam pop& glam
pop & glam pop& glam


08.07. - 06.08.
"BioGlass" exhibition-installation of works completed during workshop  
attic hall of the museum

This year the title of Haapsalu Hot Glass Symposium and following exhibition, which is held already for 11th time, is BioGlass. 

Plans include consonances and interpretations with glass, plants, nature and/or science.

Traditionally we also invite people of other specialities – this time we expect cooperation between scientists and glass artists. 

The event brings together glass artists from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Poland and France, and naturally Estonia.

bioglass bioglass
bioglass bioglass
bioglass bioglass


18.07. - 06.08.
Sirja-Liisa Eelma. Krista Mölder
museum gallery

Vajudes läbiSummer. Space. Illusion. And (hopefully) also light, which dazzles, but also brings out something new. Everything seems so simple, but there is still no grip. However, it is even fine. Earth sinks or opens.

Border between being/non-being (of art).

Krista Mölder is eager to conduct a level test with photographic means (including video), in order to bring out different reactions to infinity.

Sirja-Liisa Eelma shifts meanings of space and its details. By depicting and reproducing space parts through painting means, she brings space and third dimension to superficial surfaces.

Vajudes läbi Vajudes läbi
Vajudes läbi Vajudes läbi
Vajudes läbi Vajudes läbi

11.08. - 10.09.
"Under the shadow of the classics".
Family Malle Leis, Villu Jõgeva, Sandra Jõgeva. Curator: Sandra Jõgeva

museum gallery, attic hall

Malle LeisAs referred in the title, the paintings by Malle Leis dominate this exhibition. The exposition includes 30 paintings from her vast creative production, which by now contains more than 1000 paintings: oil paintings and larger aquarelles (which work volume is often similar to oil paintings) from the period 1975-2015. Furthermore it is possible to view part of the installation "Voices of Horizon" completed in cooperation with Villu Jõgeva, which was exposed in 2000 in the Art Hall Gallery, where the unique silk print in author's technique created by Malle Leis forms symbiosis with kinetic sound installation by Villu Jõgeva.

The exposition also includes 6 kinetic light objects by Villu Jõgeva (from the period 1990-2010) and 60 framed photos from his archive.

All works exposed at the exhibition belong to the authors.

On her personal exhibition, Sandra Jõgeva exposes the new work "Softcore", which central theme (as in her several former works) is more than ten years of experience as a dominatrix. "Softcore" includes photo collages printed on pillows, her domina diary. Contacts with and feedback from anonymous customers are documented as well. All this is exposed on a hundred pillows set on the gallery floor, whereby a series includes 10 different works, each consisting of 10 items. It can be said that in this case, pillow is a symbol of intimacy, as well as of certain anonymous and repeating, replicable nature of the experience between a customer and domina. The installation will be completed in cooperation with the photographer Jaak Kikas and graphic designer Teet Raudsepp.

Under the shadow of the classics Under the shadow of the classics
Under the shadow of the classics Under the shadow of the classics
Under the shadow of the classics Under the shadow of the classics
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