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Evald Okas Museum
Exhibitions 2013

June 2 - August 31
An exhibition of works by Evald Okas: drawings, graphic art, paintings and objects.

Avamine 2013 Avamine 2013
Avamine 2013 Avamine 2013


June 1 – June 30
"4X4", curator Üla Koppel

"4X4" is an applied arts exhibition where works made of four different materials are exhibited side by side.
Ceramics, glass, metal and textile – these traditional materials are used in a contemporary key. The works of art have been selected for the exhibition by the principle of object and material.

Neli neljale Neli neljale
Neli neljale Neli neljale


July 7 – July 17
ArtPrint Young Photo Artist

The Exhibition of the ArtPrint Young Photo Artist is a personal exhibition of the winner of ArtPrint`s same named photo contest in the Evald Okas Museum. ArtPrint is a printing house that has initiated a Grant for a Young Photo Artist in order to enable him or her to exhibit their work using the best technical solutions that are popular in the Western Europe, but unavailable in Estonia. ArtPrint holds the exhibition in collaboration with Foku, Fotokuu and HP.

The annual competition for the grant takes place in 2013 for the second time. Besides financing the stipendium, ArtPrint will take care of the full technical solution and print preparation of the exhibition works.

The printing house holds the contest to which young artists are expected to apply with their exhibition projects. A professional jury will select the best artist, whose work will be exhibited in four Estonian towns. The first exhibition will be held in Tallinn, then in Haapsalu, Pärnu and the last one in Tartu. After the exhibitions are over the works will be returned to the winner.

Tõnu Tunnel Tõnu Tunnel
Tõnu Tunnel Tõnu Tunnel


July 2 – July 17
"Prints of Memory" by Birgit Skolimowski

"Prints of Memory" is Birgit Skolimowski`s first personal exhibition.
According to the exhibition's author, her creations come into life due to unexplainable inner upheavals that seem to have always been there. In Birgit's case the upheavals result in jewellery art. Different phases of life have different cognitions.
Where is the wind if it's not blowing… does it exist at all then? Endel Tulving, a scientist who researched human memory, has said so.
Somewhere in us are prints of memory that will brighten up when we trace them from somewhere. What our brain has stored will turn into memory print if it can be put into use. Memory print is not a thing or a structure – it's like a possibility that can make certain conscious realities graspable.
The jewellery shown at the exhibition are the traces of Birgit Skolimowski`s memory prints.
The thoughts that have called the jewellery into life have long been in the author's mind, with some materials waiting for their time in her drawers for years. A lot of materials found from the locations of significant memories are used.

Birgit Skolimowski Birgit Skolimowski
Birgit Skolimowski Birgit Skolimowski


July 7 – August 8
Glass Exhibition "Impression"

The artwork made during the Hot Glass Symposium will be exhibited in the museum's Attic Hall after the symposium. Everyone can follow the process of completing the exhibits. The artists will be working in parallel in the glassblowing studio and at the exhibition hall, turning the artwork created in the studio into installations and gradually forming up the exhibition. The latter can be observed by the visitors during one week.

Impressioon Impressioon
Impressioon Impressioon


July 19 – August 4
"Story of Life" Paintings by Tiit Pääsuke

One of the leading figures in Estonian art of painting, Tiit Pääsuke, started studying art at Tartu Art School and continued his studies at the State Art Institute, where he graduated from in 1971. In 2011 Pääsuke finished his teaching career of 35 years at the Estonian Academy of Arts and became a freelance artist. Pääsuke has won many essential awards and prizes, amongst others the Konard Mägi medal in 1992 and the Order of the White Star, 4th Class, in 1999. His works can be found in many art collections both in Estonia and abroad.

Tiit Pääsuke emerged in the 1970s with his paintings of sometimes photographic accuracy and an existential air about them. Through the decades, Pääsuke has been a stubborn creator, who was not interested in current trends or the frame of mind of the art circles. He has always followed his own path. Pääsuke has also been titled as the greatest colourist in the history of our art of painting. His paintings are rich and saturated with colour. He can model with colour - he creates form through colour. Colours bear different meanings for the eye: brighter colours seem salient and darker ones recessive. Thus the artist doesn't have to apply the traditional modelling of light and shade with the same colour being darker in the shadow. Pääsuke can depict sections of his painting more or less realistically with only an abstract play of colours – especially so in his latest creations.

The exhibition at the Evald Okas Museum gallery gives an overview of Tiit Pääsuke's painting throughout the years.

Tiit Pääsuke Tiit Pääsuke
Tiit Pääsuke Tiit Pääsuke


August 6 – August 31
"Estonian-Latvian International Match in Graphic Art", curator Inga Heamägi

Zane Zlemesa. Dust Room11 Estonian and 11 Latvian graphic artists/players take part in the exhibition (match). As in football, the eleventh player in the exhibition hall is a goalkeeper. Young graphic artists (also students) are to tip the scales with the classics-veterans participating as well.

The Estonian-Latvian international matches in football started 90 years ago. The tradition of the opposition got started 45 years ago in 1968, during the Tallinn Print Triennial at the Baltic exhibition. We will restore the good old rivalry between the neighbours and see what is going to happen.

Kokkumäng Kokkumäng
Kokkumäng Kokkumäng
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