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Evald Okas Museum
Exhibitions 2012

June 2 through August 31
permanent exhibition of the works by Evald Okas. Drawings, graphic art, paintings and objects.

The permanent exhibition gives an overview of the creation of Evald Okas throughout the years. The exposition will be open until the end of August


June 2 through June 23
Artists's dynasty of the Nagel family Cosa Nostra

The works by four artists will be presented at the exhibition: paintings by the Nagel artists's dynasty - including Kalju Nagel, Lemming Nagel, Karl-Kristjan Nagel and Tiiu Rebane. The main emphasis of the exposition lies on the new, unseen work divided into independent ensembles in Evald Okas Museum. Both the impressionistic treatments of nature dating back to the times of Pallas Art School (Kalju Nagel, 1918-2005) and the selected works by Lemming Nagel representing the 1970s school of hyperrealism as well as the 1990s playfully deconstructed panel paintings will be exhibited. Also, new works by Tiiu Rebane and Karl-Kristjan Nagel who represent the 1990s generation will be seen at the exhibition.

Cosa Nostra Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra


Renee AltrovJune 26 through July 13
Exhibition of ArtPrint Young Photo Artist

ArtPrint holds the contest for Young Artist where young photo artists are expected to apply with their exhibition projects. Professional jury will select the best work and ArtPrint will offer the winner the best technical solutions that are popular in Western Europe yet less available for Estonian artists. The winner of the contest will be given the opportunity to exhibit his or her work in four different Estonian towns, including the gallery of Evald Okas Museum.

Exhibition will be held in collaboration with Foku, Fotokuu and HP.

Rene Altrov Rene Altrov
Rene Altrov Rene Altrov


July 3 through August 31
Glass exhibition Glass I by Kai Koppel

August 5 through August 31
Glass exhibition Glass II by Kai Koppel 

Kai KoppelKai Koppel, a well-known Estonian glass artist, will celebrate her 60th birthday on August 7th, 2012. Since the artist chose Evald Okas Museum in Haapsalu to be the venue of the celebration, this idea smoothly developed into a more extensive exhibition project to be held in the same museum. According to the artist's present plans, her anniversary exhibition will be located on both floors of the museum.

Kai Koppel has decided to include pieces from her earlier work in order to form an extensive retrospective exposition - thus, the old large-scale glass pieces that have been packed for years will have a chance to see the daylight again.

In the 21st century, when the era of Soviet-time gigantic factories with craftsmen possessing specific glass making skills and large-scale sculptural glass forms has become a history and intimate small-scale forms have taken over, colourful glass and big forms of glass art in Kai Koppel's work since 1980s denotes an independent value in cultural history.

Koppel's present exhibition in Haapsalu involves about 200 pieces of glass art; a separate group of large-scale work is being compiled by the figures, vases and objects synthesizing natural forms, made of colourful glass and with the height of approximately 50 cm. This work represents a unique breakout from the rational consumer-based Soviet glass art. In 1980s, young glass artist Kai Koppel developed her own artistic style that was based on opposition while starting her personal rebellion towards the established values in conventional glass art. Koppel applied irrationality to her working method opposed to the rational, geometrical and functional style while allowing plenty of space to coincidence and the ability of expression of glass itself. The artist replaced consumeristic qualities with symbolic values when extensively following the examples taken from natural forms and archaic eras of architecture.

There is no equipotent Estonian glass artist surpassing Kai Koppel's bold treatments of colour, as there is no young artist who would use glass and colour with similar enthusiasm as Kai Koppel.

As being the first one intensively using colourful glass, Koppel had to invent experimental technologies in order to find the functioning interrelation between colours. According to the artist, when one's artistic vision is based on large-scale glass forms, the whole glass making process will become experimental. One has to take risks in such a process and to be ready for taking lots of broken glass our from the furnace.

Kai Koppel leaves the act of fetishizing of an object or an item to the buyers of glass - she has admitted that she is unable to follow such a pattern herself. What matters to Kai is the process, the various regimes and phases of glass making.

It has been 25 years since Kai Koppel last produced the large-scale forms out of colourful glass with glass blowing furnaces.

Since 1990, the artist has produced studio glass, as a new trend in her artistic career. She has built her own glass furnaces for this purpose. Studio glass forms a separate exposition line at the current exhibition, including engraved glass sculptures. Those are the objects that are rather addressed to the consumer - such as her rustic drinking bowls and cups. The third exposition line could be compiled out of Koppel's artistic experiments, including peculiar looking glass products that have been born as an additional value out of the glass making process where glass is being formed by itself and the result will be left open for coincidences.

Eha Komissarov Curator-project manager at the Kumu Art Museum

Kai Koppel Kai Koppel


July 14 through August 2
Exhibition Estonian Design House in Evald Okas Museum, curated by Monika Järg

Design is popular. As a word, it is being widely used and applied in extremely various fields. Estonian Design House offers its interpretation - the gallery is gathering and representing the most outstanding part of product design in Estonia, including interior design, fashion and accessories. The various spaces in Evald Okas gallery make it possible to emphasize those distinctions and to create environments where design would be something close, natural and tangible, while generating associations. Created for the people!

The gallery of Estonian Design House (EDH) was established in 2010 by the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) in order to provide marketing opportunities for local designers competent in product design and production. The EDH predom of "The Gallery of EDH". The council of EDH gallery, including representatives from the EAD, selects products to be introduced in the gallery. Designers of the products can be either the members or nonmembers of the EAD.

The gallery of EDH serves as the place introducing Estonian design, showing products both to local consumers and foreign visitors, exchanging contacts, and initiating new product developments. The

Gallery of EDH is the first official representation of the Estonian Association of Designers. Professional competence is being guaranteed by the union of known and acknowledged designers. The gallery makes Estonian design visible while providing an opportunity for those producing unique design products in order to exhibit and sell them. The gallery is developing into a space that will provide competence in product design, unite designers from various fields and skills, and offer solutions for collaboration projects and new product developments.

The mission of the gallery is to build the platform for Estonian design that would encourage product sales both in Estonia and abroad; to initiate new product developments where designers and enterprisers will meet; and to promote and export high-quality Estonian product design.

Participating designers:
Tarmo Luisk, Ilona Gurjanova, Reet Aus, Monika Järg, Tõnis Vellama, Stella Soomlais, Kaie Pungas, Margus Triibman, Igor Volkov, Pavel Sidorenko, Jaanus Orgusaar, Björn Koop, Veiko Liis, Anne-Liis Leht, Annike Laigo

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