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Evald Okas Museum
Exhibitions 2011

4.06. – 31.08.   permanent exhibition of the work created by Evald Okas. Drawings, graphic art, paintings and objects.
The permanent and exhibition  gives an overview of the work of Evald Okas throughout the years and the exposition will be open until the end of the summer.

Exhibition of Evald Okas Exhibition of Evald Okas
Exhibition of Evald Okas Exhibition of Evald Okas


4.06.-30.06. exhibition „V.A.H.I”,
Paintings and photos by Valeri Vinogradov, Helen Vinogradov, Ivo Vinogradov and Anne Parmasto.

V.A.H.I. is a family exhibition. It is the first time when this family has displayed their artwork collectively. Over the last twenty summers, springs and, autumns the family has spent much of their time in Läänemaa. Many of their paintings were created there, and just now have been put out as a joint family exhibition in Haapsalu.
The name of this exhibition derives from the initials of the artists first names: V from Valeri (the father), and A as in Anne (the mother), H from Helen (the daughter), I from Ivo (the son). The exhibition provides an overview of their photographs and paintings.
The acrylic paintings shown in the Evald Okas Musem by Valeri are his last abstracts. Ivo exhibits his nude paintings and Anne her abstracts. Helen completes the display with photographs of the series captured in 2009 in Georgia.
Valeri is a graduate of the EAA (Estonian Academy of Arts). He also has been a member of the EKL (Estonian Artists’ Association) since 1991, and is a freelance artist. Anne is a graduate of the EAA, a member of the EKL since 1993, and a docent of painting and composition in the University of Tartu. Ivo is also a graduate of the EAA and has been exhibiting paintings and leather work since 2004. Helen is a graduate student in BFM (Baltic Film and Media School), is the executive arm of the film festival Sleepwealkersand, has been exhibiting her photographs since 2009.

V.A.H.I. V.A.H.I.
V.A.H.I. V.A.H.I.
V.A.H.I. V.A.H.I.


02.07.-22.07. Exhibition THE IDEAL LANDSCAPE
Kristi Paap, Kaire Rannik, Anneli Tammik, Berit Teeäär, Ketli Tiitsar, Maria Valdma.
Contemporary jewellery. 

Six metal art graduates from the Estonian Academy of Arts present a joint exhibition to show their recent individual works. The unity of the works transforms into a kind of ideal landscape which may be defined here firstly as a modern art field, where authors relate themselves with their works. Secondly the landscape can be understood as the concurrence of the materials, colors, shapes, and structures reflected in the artists work. Certainly, the ideal landscape is different and special for every creative person – it is more a condition than anything visually perceptual.
How can one describe the similarities between the works in this seemingly different-looking group and what distinguishes them from the other artist works and schools of thought in the field of art jewellery? One feature is the focus on people (often the author himself), his immediate surroundings, and his feelings: household, homesickness, the bad and the good, birth and death, and his own reflection ... Secondly - the idea ruling over matter. Despite the diversity of materials - wood, silver, birchbark, rubber, copper, plastic, gold, textiles, etc. - there is no place for apparency. 
Despite the fact that for years the game on the edge of the applied and visual arts, has been a driving characteristic for these creators of the ideal landscape, it has also been self-explanatory for them to handle art jewellery as a protest against the traditional forms. The question is not about the form. Without wishing to agree with either side, the confrontation is an attempt to oppose those, who’s convulsive strive to maintain the elitist conception of the jewellery art further deepens the understanding of borders in art. 
The ideal landscape is a mix of conditions and "images" – it is different for each author and for each viewer.

The Ideal Landscape The Ideal Landscape
The Ideal Landscape The Ideal Landscape
The Ideal Landscape The Ideal Landscape


24.07.-13.08. NEW OLD LOOK
Association of Fashion Designers exhibition, curators A. Metsis, A. Hint, L. Leskin.

The title of the exhibition “New Old Look” derives from Christian Dior’s collection from 1947. Our "new look" is a contemporary one and is radically different from that of C. Dior’s.
We propose an architectonic collection on the torsos, which plays with novel form solutions.
A final finish is given to the models by spraying paint on them, which is similar to how  Alexander McQueen’s collection was completed in 1999.
By doing so we combine the fashion design techniques of the two departed fashion designers. The dyeing process will be captured on film and will be put on display for visitors to see.

New Old Look New Old Look
New Old Look New Old Look


14.08.-31.08. Exhibition "on ira marcher sur Mars"/ "We will walk on Mars"  
Antoine Lejolivet  and Nicolas Schneider (France).
Antoine Lejolivet and Nicolas SchneiderNicolas Schneider and Antoine Lejolivet have been having exhibitions projects as a duet, being the road since September 2010, going from Nancy to Metz via Strasbourg in the North-Est of France. As a end to the journey, "they are going to walk on Mars" at the Ewald Okas Muuseum, in Haapsalu, Estonia.

After experiencing together on three previous exhibitions consisting of a "polyform" drawing work, confronting the produced pieces by hanging them.

Antoine Lejolivet and Nicolas Schneider will, with this project at the Ewald Okas Muuseum in Haapsalu (Estonia) "We will walk on Mars", challenge themselves in a new time-space dimension. They will produce all the exhibition art works, together and simultaneously directly in a same place, in a given time.


Ükskord me kõnnimeme Marsil Ükskord me kõnnime Marsil
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