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Evald Okas Museum
Exhibitions 2010

31.05 - 24.06
"Evald Okas '95", jubilee exhibition (paintings, ex libris) 

On the 28th  November 2010  Evald Okas will celebrate his 95th birthday. A jubilee exhibition with the works of Evald Okas will be opened  to designate the anniversary.
The artwork that will be displayed in this exhibition will be taken from  Evald Okas' private collection and also some more important works are taken from the collections of different Estonian museums like Tallinn City Museum and KUMU. A large collection of ex libris will be exposed in addition of the artists paintings. The ex libris collection has rarely been exposed in such an exhibition.
Evald Okas has been one of the most productive creator of ex libris (in other words called bookplate) both in Estonia and the whole world. Every ex libris created is a graphic miniature work. The artist has made more than 3000 ex libris throughout his very creative lifetime. He has created them for people who have asked for them from him but also as gifts, hackworks and just for the pleasure of making them. It may happen that some of the visitors of the exhibition will recognize an ex libris which has been made for them or for one of their acquaintances.  
The opening of the exhibition "Evald Okas '95" will also be the formal opening of the summer season of the museum.    

31.05 - 29.08 
Permanent exhibition, Evald Okas (paintings, drawings, graphic art and objects)

In addition to the jubilee exposition there is also an exhibition of the works created by Evald Okas on the second floor of the museum. The permanent exposition will be open until the end of the summer and it  gives an overview of the work throughout the years. 

16.07 - 04.08
Glass exhibition "Poetry of Glass"

The glass works created during the Hot Glass Days are exposed in this exhibition. The exhibitions following the symposium are always remarkable and special because of the used techniques. The fact that there is not many other exhibitions of blown glass in Estonia  makes it even more special. The glass exhibition following the Glass Days will be larger than usually  since during this summer, the museum is celebrating the 95th jubilee of the artist Evald Okas.   

02.08 - 06.08
Exhibition of fashion drawings

It has become a tradition that every summer Evald Okas Museum hosts the workshop of Fashion Union Artists. The workshop is organized by the chairwoman of the union, fashion designer Anu Hint. During the three days of the complementary course  the fashion designers  are improving themselves in drawing  fashion and figure sketches. The workshop is attended by Estonian and foreign artists, among others Anne Metsis, Liivia Leškin, and Anu Hint.
The works created during the workshop will be exposed for a week in a small exhibition in Evald Okas Museum. 

08.08 - 31.08
Exposition "Four Fourths": Harald Eelma (graphic artist), Kaisa Puustak (graphic artist), Kaarel Eelma (painter), Sirja-Liisa Vahtra (painter) 
"Four  fourths" is an exhibition introducing the artwork by Herald Eelma and his family. Herald Eelma is a graphic artist who creates his work in Lääne County. The members of Eelma family are acknowledged graphic artists and painters  and their works will be exposed in a joint exhibition in Evald Okas Muuseum. 

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