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Evald Okas Museum

Name of the project:
Development of Evald Okas Museum into a year-round art centre

Beginning and end of the project: 01.05.2019 - 05.06.2023
Project number: 2014-2021.1.05.20-0018
Executor of the project: NGO Evald Okas Museum (reg no 80140867)
Measure: 2014-2021.1.5 Programme „Local Development and Poverty Reduction“ (EE-LOCALDEV)
Application round: Heritage conservation areas in historical city centres - 01.07.2020-30.11.2020
Field: 2014-2021.1.5.16 Conservation of buildings of cultural value
Total cost of the project: 511,578 EUR
Grant: 355,171 EUR
Self-financing: 156,407 EUR
See also: https://www.muinsuskaitseamet.ee/et/ameti-tegevus/ajalooliste-linnasudamete- elavdamine-ja-kohalik-areng-kultuuriparandi-kaudu 

Summary of the project: 

The project for the term 2021-2023 includes conservation of Evald Okas Museum located in the heritage conservation area of the Old Town of Haapsalu, thermal insulation, installation of heating and ventilation system, improvement of accessibility and access of persons with mobility disability. The museum will become a year-round art centre with exhibition, studio and course spaces. 

Events held in connection with the project: 

20 June 2021 opening seminar „Heritage Night of the Old Town of Haapsalu“
-- Prof. Hilkka Hiiop. Estonian Academy of Arts „Sights from the pictures of Haapsalu. Contribution of the department of conservation of the Estonian Academy of Arts to the preservation of art heritage of Haapsalu“
-- MA Anton Pärn. Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums „With shovel and bucket – news from excavations in Haapsalu“
-- Üla Koppel, Mara Ljutjuk. NGO Evald Okas Museum „Evald Okas Museum before and towards the changes“ 

4 September 2012 Conservation day Ars longa, vita brevis 

In addition to classical easel paintings, Evald Okas Museum has various non-traditional works of art – the doors inviting people to the museum, windows of the exhibition hall, seats, etc. On the conservation day open to the public, the specialists of the Estonian Academy of Arts led by Prof. Hilkka Hiiop reviewed the condition of these pieces and performed conservation of the works of art in emergency state. In parallel, it was possible to view the part of creation of Evald Okas, which people always cannot see as works of art.
-- Opening of the conservation day
-- Introduction of the creation of Evald Okas related to furniture items and interior. Üla Koppel. NGO Evald Okas Museum
-- Open conservation workshop. Prof. Hilkka Hiiop, Varje Õunapuu. Estonian Academy of Arts

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